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Tuesday, 2nd July 2002
End of news channel on Digital One multiplex

ITN News radio, the rolling news and sport service on national DAB digital radio, has ceased broadcasting on Digital One's national digital multiplex.

In a move that is designed to cut costs, the news provider has reliquished its space on digital radio. The channel now carries a continuous test tone and the service label has been set to 'D1 ten'.

ITN logo
DAB digital radio logo by Steven Hooper                            
In Autumn 2001, ITN managed to secure the contract to supply news for ITV against a rival bid from Channel 3 News. It is understood Channel 3 News, a consortium of Sky News, Chrysalis, Bloomberg and Ulster Television, original offered to produce the news for ITV for a total cost of GBP32million, a saving of GBP14million on the cost of the bulletin at that time. In answer to this, it is believed ITN agreed to significantly reduce the cost of its news operation from GBP46million to GBP36million.

The news operator has been looking to make a number of savings so that it can continue to provide the level of service for its TV news network. It is uncertain whether the removal of its news radio station will have any effect on the ITN News Channel, which attracts significantly less viewers than its Sky News and BBC News satellite counterparts.

The station launched in August 2000, broadcasting from 6am until midnight.

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