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Wednesday, 27th February
Is Worthing worthy of a new radio station?

If any of the 6 applicants for the new local licence for the town in West Sussex have their way, then the answer to this question will be a resounding 'yes'.

Southdown Radio are promising a 'winning combination of local news, information and conversation, and a unique mix of quality music, produced by a dedicated team who really know Worthing'.

Splash/Worth FM logos                             Splash FM have based their application on offering a 'music led, full service station for 25-70 year olds with a focus on 35-54, featuring music favourites of the last forty years and today with all the local information and insights necessary to make the most of life in and around Worthing'. Splash FM is backed by Forvever broadcasting, responsible for Juice in Brighton and Liverpool.

WBC are concentrating on a more mature audience, hoping to launch 'a proudly local station serving Worthing's 35+ listeners with a varied mix of easy listening music and entertainment, underpinned by a thorough and authoritative service of local news and information'.

Worth FM is counting on its promise to offer 'a high quality, locally focused, radio station, broadcasting to Worthing and the surrounding area, targeting 25-44 year olds with a mix of timeless classic hits and the best of today, together with friendly, adult presentation and news and information that truly reflects life in the bustling south coast town'.

Worthing FM plans to be 'a professional but genuinely local radio service focused on the daily lives of Worthing people with local news, issues and events blended with a substantial information service, national and international news and sport, local features and vigorous comment, all set within a broad mix of the most popular music from yesterday, today and tomorrow'.

YWFM's local news output features in its application as 'a community focused and independent radio station, strong on local issues and news, combining the best of popular music for all tastes and ages with highly skilled radio journalism'.

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