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Wednesday, 27th February
Yorkshire moves further into the DAB realm as regional digital multiplex is advertised.

The East Riding of Yorkshire, Kingston-upon-Hull, North and North-East Lincolnshire, and the former counties of South and West Yorkshire will be tuning in to a brand new ensemble of radio stations in the early part of 2003, following the news that the regional digital radio multiplex is being advertised for the area. The multiplex will also cover some parts of North Yorkshire.

DAB digital radio logo                             The coverage area for the new multiplex will reach around 4.25 million adults. Since many BBC local radio stations have taken their places on the local digital multiplexes serving Humberside, South and West Yorkshire, no room has been reserved for these stations on the Yorkshire regional mux. This makes it unlikely BBC Radio Lincolnshire or BBC Radio York will be heard on digital radio for the foreseeable future, unless a deal can be struck for them to join an existing local multiplex.

Regional commercial radio stations are free to form part of any application for the multiplex. It is likely dance and r&b station Galaxy 105 will feature in at least one application. Real Radio is already broadcasting on Emap's local multiplexes in the areas in which the new licence is being offered. Currently, the service is taking output from the North of England Real Radio digital stations, ahead of its launch on March 25th to South and West Yorkshire on the FM waveband on 107.6, 107.7 and 106.2.

You can hear the news and sports report from BBC Radio Lincolnshire via the brand new feed on our listen now pages.

Applications must be in by 18th June 2002.

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