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Sunday, 19th August

radio-now moves to new server, updates web address to, following increased page impressions

After nearly two years at its home of, radionow is moving and changing its name - but only by the addition of a hyphen (-). The new home of radio-now can be found at

Steven Hooper, editor of radio-now said:

             The site itself isn't going to change much at all, as it only had a makeover at the start of the year. However, from the point of view of being able to access the site, things should improve a lot. The old server was slow and, at certain times of the day, you couldn't access the site without at least a thirty-second wait for the front page. If visitors now type our new address into their browser, they should see a marked improvement.

For the last two years, our hosting has been free, so the move towards paid-for hosting was the next logical step. It has been paid for through banner advertising, which was introduced onto the site earlier this year.

The new home of radio-now can be found at Visitors should already be able to access the site straight away, although the pointers to the new web address are still filtering through the internet.

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