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Saturday, 26th May 2001

KCR promise a playlist from 6000

Knowsley's new local radio station, KCR 106.7 FM is set to take to the airwaves on 16th June, broadcasting from a transmitter in Huyton to Prescot, Whiston, Rainhill, Eccleston, Huyton and Knowsley. The launch of KCR 106.7 will have fulfilled Rainhill man Ray Ferguson's ambition to kickstart a new station for the area. Ray commented:

KCR FM logo


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"The primary objective of KCR is entertainment, locally focussed. The music you'll hear will be selected from the last four decades. If you grew up with The Hollies, Manfred Mann, Motown and the Stones, you'll feel right at home with KCR. If you like Texas, then you'll love it."

For Terry Lenaine, presenter of the drive-time show, the arrival of KCR is his first experience of a station launch. He said:

"We are aiming to move away from repetition in playing songs up to seven times a day - we won't do that. You have some local radio stations with a play list of just 300, here we have around 6000 songs and we want people to be constantly surprised by the music they hear. It's a pretty exciting time, we can't wait to get on air and start working."

The station will be introducing staff and the programme line-up on Wednesday, 30th May.

(With thanks to our North of England correspondent Mark Jones and the Prescot Reporter for the above story)

Terry Lenaine biography site.

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