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Saturday, 14th April 2001

Eminem prompts walkout at Birmingham station

From The Guardian newspaper:

BRMB's breakfast presenter Graham Mack walked out of the studio yesterday after an order to play Eminem's Stan. Listeners heard him call the track 'rubbish' and argue live with the programme controller Adam Bridge.

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Mack began by saying 'I'm supposed to play Stan by Eminem. He's a bigot, he's a criminal, and he's on probation (The US rapper was this week convicted of carrying a concealed weapon).

'Here we are playing this song, making him rich... The countryside's in a mess, and it's not looking good for people at places like Marconi -so I'm going to play Keeping the Dream Alive instead', Mack continued.

Mack went on to tell listeners that he did not get on with the controller, and then the phone rang. Mr Bridge came on air: 'Maybe I'm stupid, but I selected Eminem. I don't pay you for your opinion - just play the bloody song.'

Mack told him the conversation was going out live before saying: 'I'm out of here - if you want it played, you bloody play it.'

The show's remaining half hour was taken by another DJ.

The above story has been reproduced from The Guardian newspaper.
It is unclear whether or not the walkout was a publicity stunt by the station.

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