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Thursday, 15th December 2011
BBC switches on new DAB digital radio transmitter in Leicester

The BBC has powered up a new digital radio transmitter at Copt Oak in Leicestershire, improving coverage to Loughborough and Leicester and providing additional coverage along the M1 motorway passing through the area. The transmitter is powerful at 1.5 kilowatts, giving excellent coverage both on indoor (portable) and outside (in-car DAB) radios.

Listeners in the above areas with a digital radio will be able to pick up national DAB stations from the BBC - ideal if you have a car DAB radio or in-car adaptor, for example, and are travelling through the area. BBC radio stations Asian Network, World Service, 6 Music, 4 Extra and sports coverage service 5 Live Sports Extra are all included in the ensemble of national digital radio stations available thanks to the transmitter switch-on. A full list is given below and on our national radio station listings page.

To receive DAB digital radio stations in the UK, you need a DAB digital radio - a type of radio by which you can find stations by name, not frequency. A standard FM radio will not be able to tune in to stations on digital radio. To see which receivers can pick up DAB stations, check out the radios are available to buy.

Our radio news pages gives a list of recent transmitter switch-ons for national services, if you are looking to pick up stations in your area.

Listeners with a DAB digital radio in and around the above area can receive the BBC's national services by doing an "Autotune" or "Autoscan" with their DAB digital radio. The national BBC services currently available are as follows:

BBC Digital Radio Logo

  • BBC Asian Network (mono)

  • BBC Radio 1

  • BBC 1Xtra

  • BBC Radio 2

  • BBC Radio 3

  • BBC Radio 4

  • BBC Radio 4 Extra (mono)

  • BBC Radio 5 Live (mono)

  • BBC 5 Live Sports Extra (mono)

  • BBC 6 Music

  • BBC World Service (mono)

DAB digital radio logo

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