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Saturday, 22nd April 2006
MPIO PD 100 offers DAB and MP3 playback, DAB recording and direct line-in encoding for under GBP100.00

MPIO's little-heard-of PD100 DAB/mp3 player offers a wide variety of recording and playback options, but could it be the most versatile yet underestimated DAB radio/mp3 player around?

The specification of the MPIO PD-100 suggests this DAB handheld is more than a cut above the rest. The PD100 lets you record the current FM or DAB station you are listening to onto its internal 128MB flash memory. The specification also states that you can hook up an external player (cassette deck, MiniDisc player) and make recordings from the external source - a process known as direct line-in encoding - at 128, 96, 64 or 32Kbps MP3 format.

The MPIO DAB/mp3 player/recorder features a large, 8-line backlit display (allowing DAB text to be displayed without scrolling) and 5 band user-set graphic equaliser: if you don't like one of the (pop, rock, etc.) presets, simply set your own. Playback support covers MP3, WMA and ASF formats, while the PLL FM tuner scans and stores stations automatically; preset memories are also to hand.

The DAB tuner, as well as the FM tuner, allows direct-to-memory recordings. By attaching a cable to the line input, the PD-100 also allows direct line-in encoding from an external source.

Voice recording settings on the MPIO PD-100 DAB pocket handheld radio /mp3 player range in quality from 64Kbps MP3 down to 16Kbps, while FM recording is at 128, 96, 64 or 32Kbps MP3 format (approximately 130 minutes recording at 128Kbps MP3 rate). DAB recording is set at a standard bit-rate, which cannot be altered.

A variety of settings including a sleep timer and autoplay (the MPIO PD100 starts playing when the machine is powered up) are also featured, and firmware upgrades can be downloaded via a host PC.

The MPIO PD100 will also store DAB and FM stations as favourites in a list. The headphone cable acts as the aerial; there's no special circuitry involved, so you could try other headphones (with a cable of equal or longer length or an extension cable if you live in a weak signal area)

The MPIO DAB/MP3 features its own built-in lithium ion battery and charging circuit and offers up to 46 hours MP3 playback, 9 hours of DAB usage or 40 hours FM listening. It comes with its own AC adaptor, in-ear 'phones, CD software and USB cable and stereo connector.

At GBP89.99 or less, the MPIO PD-100 offers a wide feature count for the money and you can buy the MPIO PD 100 DAB personal radio/mp3 recorder, via this site. There are links to a features and specification list below.
MPIO DAB digital radio handheld with MP3 recorder
MPIO PD 100 DAB handheld recorder MP3 player
MPIO PD-100 DAB MP3 player with recording facilities

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