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Available in 4 colours, the MagicBox Tower offers DAB & FM radio plus an iPod dock with two alarms, snooze and sleep functions.

Where to buy

You can get the MagicBox Tower from Amazon in a black finish. They also have it in red colour and silver and blue colours.

You can also buy a number of other MagixBox receivers from Tesco Electrical.

MagicBox Tower builds on DAB and FM radio with iPod dock for your own music collection

Available in four colours, the MagicBox Tower offers a cost effective way to get DAB and a dock in one box.

Standing about 15 centimetres high, the Tower is neat and compact, sporting twin alarms and snooze features. A reasonable 5 Watts power ouput is on-tap - enough to wake even the most hardened of sleepers, we reckon! DAB, FM, iPod (iPhone) or buzzer sounds are all available to wake you up. Snooze settings can be adjusted in five minute increments up to a 30 minute extra-long slumber.

Ten presets on DAB and FM are accessed via buttons on the front of the Tower, while the clear white-on-blue display always shows the time, which station is tuned to and scrolling text information.

The backlight illumination of the display can be set to switch off after ten seconds, up to three minutes if you so desire.

Sadly, there's no headphone socket, but the Tower does have a 3.5mm audio in socket so you can play tunes through the built-in speaker.

While the audio quality isn't going to set the world alight (the MagicBox Tower has just a single speaker), the convenience of a compact DAB docker in a range of colours has got to be a big attraction. It's also compatible with both iPods and iPhones, which is an extra bonus.
MagicBox Tower DAB and dock
MagicBox Tower display

The MagicBox Tower is available now at around £70. See the left-hand column above for availability in different colour finishes.