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A simple DAB and FM radio that's a break from the normal boring designs available.

Where to buy

You can get the MagicBox Tops from Tesco Electrical.

MagicBox Tops it off with pink DAB radio

The MagicBox Tops takes a simple idea - listening to DAB radio stations - and puts it in an easy-to-use funky design.

Radio doesn't get much simpler than this: heralding from the design utopia that is Scandanavia (also see: Ikea), the Tops (actual name: Tots or Atom, depending on where you are in the world) is a pink DAB radio with just a few controls to get you listening to your favourite stations.

The single-line display switches between the station name and scrolling text at the touch of the "info" button.

A simple push-to-select rotary control lets you switch between stations and the Tots radio is mains or battery powered using AAA batteries. Thoughtfully, there's a headphone socket (we know how much of a dealbreaker this can be!).

A telescopic aerial and access to FM radio stations complete the picture.

Overall, though, you'll be wanting this MagicBox for its simple, unfussy operation and unique design. It's available at around £35. See the left-hand column above for availability from retailers.
MagicBox tots tops atom DAB FM radio
MagicBox tots atom DAB FM radio