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Monday, 26th October 2009
MagicBox Nocturne XP-2 heralds the dawn of DAB and wi-fi

MagicBox's Nocturne XP-2 adds wi-fi radio to the original Nocturne XP-1 music system.

You can hook up your iPod, listen to wi-fi internet radio and store twenty of your favourite DAB stations under presets. A handy alarm feature wakes you up in the morning to radio or a buzzer and produces 2 x 10 Watts RMS. For the extra wow factor, functions are operated by touch controls. A six-line white-on-black display simplifies station selection.

The MagicBox Nocturne XP-2 is available now at around GBP 150.00.
MagicBox Nocturne XP-2
MagicBox Nocturne XP-2


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