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The MagicBox Cleaver is an easy-to-use internet radio with the option of DAB+ for use abroad.

Where to buy

You can get the MagicBox Cleaver internet radio from Amazon; the Cleaver is compatible with the UK's DAB digital radio broadcasts. You can also pick it up from Argos (item 936/8750). There's also a DAB+ version available at additional cost. DAB+ is useful only if you plan to take the radio abroad (to Australia, for example) as stations abroad often broadcast in DAB+.

MagicBox Cleaver: meet and feast on internet radio

Despite its rather worrying name, the Cleaver is not a heavy broad blade, used by butchers for chopping meat, but a fully functional receiver that dispenses with docks, bells and whistles to concentrate on the task of streaming internet radio stations to your home.

The Cleaver uses the Frontier Silicon portal to get up-to-date streaming radio links and store your favourite stations in a personal account online.

The Cleaver includes a DAB tuner, giving access to UK stations such as BBC 6 music, Absolute Radio and Radio 4 Extra in digital quality - useful if you're away from a broadband router. There's also an FM tuner, to pick up stations such as BBC Radio 3 and your local community radio station.

There is an alarm clock function and a single speaker, capable of 5 Watts output. The Cleaver is mains powered only.

The MagicBox Cleaver also streams music from your PC using uPnP (Universal Plug and Play) over a home network. The Cleaver is available now at around £80, putting it firmly in the budget range of internet-connected receivers available. It's worth checking out the popular Roberts Stream 105 for not much more cash if you want an easy-to-use internet-only radio.

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MagicBox Cleaver internet radio
MagicBox Cleaver internet radio

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