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Beam me up with internet radio, DAB and and dock in one.

Where to buy

You can get the MagicBox Beam from Amazon.

You can also buy a number of other MagixBox receivers from Tesco Electrical.

MagicBox Beam's in with colour touchscreen and internet radio functionality

Beam me up! MagicBox's modern-looking Beam lets you delve into thousands of internet radio stations from your living room.

It doesn't scrimp on normal radio, either, with DAB (and DAB+ flavour, if you want to take the Beam to Australia to listen to Triple M on DAB+ over there) and FM radio stations at your fingertips. Pop in an iPod or iPhone and you have a mega-musical magic box, capable of a not-too-shy 2 x 10 Watts power output, alarm clock with single alarm, adjustable sleep and snooze settings and a handy remote control.

There's a swivel stand - useful if you want to turn the Beam to face you while you listen - while the internet radio feeds are kept up-to-date via the popular Frontier Silicon internet radio portal. The Beam is also wall-mountable, if coffee-table-space is at a premium.

Things get even more interesting with the dimmable colour touchscreen TFT display, which gives access to all functions, including the last.fm service and music streaming from PC or Mac.

It's the remote control that is the selling point of the MagicBox Beam, of course, giving full control of the iPod/iPhone dock and the array of digi and analogue radio options.

The Beam brings together your music collection alongside a plethora of digital and analogue radio stations from all over the globe, all at a reasonable asking price of around £180. Not bad, considering the Beam's staggering array of features and its tactile colour screen.

See the left-hand column above for where to get one. There's also a Youtube video of the Beam to show off its features.
MagicBox Beam
MagicBox Beam screen

The MagicBox Beam is available now at around £180. See the left-hand column above for availability from retailers.