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Kitsound KSPULSE back panel

Monday, 10th October 2011
Kitsound's finger is on the PULSE with internet & DAB tabletop radio

Let's face it, whether we've emigrated or are just curious to hear what the Aussies are up to, many of us want to check out stations on the other side of the world. When the novelty factor wears off, though, wouldn't it be nice to access stations at home without all the fuss?

Kitsound's cool white and grey PULSE internet radio receiver with DAB and FM is the next step up from the brand's well-received Surfer internet radio and allows you to tune in to the BBC's Radio 6 Music, Classic FM and more, while keeping an ear on the news in Australia, New Zealand - or wherever else you fancy - via its internet radio features.

The Kitsound PULSE features both the UK's DAB standard and the international flavour DAB+ (useful if you want to take the radio Down Under, for example). This means it will work both here and abroad to pick up digital stations.

The multi-line display is clear and crisp, showing five stations at a time in the list. Both DAB and FM benefit from station naming, so you can easily see which station you're tuned to. The current station selected is shown in double-height text, which makes things easy to read from across the room.

Thankfully, the multi-direction control makes choosing stations a cinch, with access to favourites and the last station tuned.

Kitsound have realised that a single speaker may not produce the last word in sound quality when tuned to stereo stations, so have opted for RCA phono sockets 'round the back for connection to a larger hi-fi system. Also on the back panel is a handy headphone socket, ethernet socket for wired connection to your router and a 3.5mm audio input socket for hooking up an mp3 player.Kitsound PULSE internet and DAB radio
Kitsound PULSE internet, DAB and FM tabletop receiver

In summary, the unfussy styling, sensible control system and connectivity options make the PULSE an attractive receiver.

The Kitsound PULSE is available online from Amazon or Play at under £180. There's plenty of competition in the internet radio stakes, with the Pure One Flow, Evoke Flow and Roberts Stream 83i being obvious contenders. However, the cool and simple styling and uncluttered radio interface should ensure the PULSE's longevity.


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