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Genus Type-R DAB digital radio

Genus Type-R DAB digital radio review

Genus have clearly pushed the boat out with the build quality of their latest DAB model - the Type R. The radio features touch sensitive controls, which means that all operations are carried out by sliding a finger over the top panel.

Much is made of the real walnut end caps and handle underside, and of the anodised aluminium chassis. Built like a tank, the Type R is appreciably sturdy and oozes quality.
Genus Type R top panel
Genus Type R DAB radio top panel.

There's a leather back panel, twin speakers producing 2 x 2 Watts RMS hidden behind the charcoal speaker cloth and, to the side, headphone, line input and output sockets and DC input.

A small, turned aluminium on/off button is the only button press required; by slowly moving your finger across the volume and station "virtual" slider controls, the display kicks into life.

Station selection is a tad slow at times as the radio pages one by one through the stations. There are no direct access presets, instead these must be accessed from a dedicated preset button. A remote control would certainly be handy to speed things up and there is a little infrared eye on the top of the unit, suggesting that this add-on may become available.
Type R inputs
Genus Type R DAB radio side inputs.

However, the Type R is a piece of audio equipment to look at as much as it is to use, so its potential purchasers will probably be less bothered about endlessly flicking between stations.

Four fully flexible alarms can be dialled up through the menu and a MaxxBass feature boosts the lower end of the frequency range.
Genus Type R fascia
Genus Type R DAB radio fascia panel.

Alas, there are no tone controls, so if your preference is for a more sprightly performance, the Type R may well be worth overlooking. The radio never seems to break out of its (admittedly well made) case, somewhat lacking in treble - that certain factor that keeps you listening to speech and top 40 stations.
Genus Type R DAB radio
Genus Type R DAB radio with four alarms and FM.

Nevertheless, the Genus Type R is tremdously well built and, fitted with its integrated rechargeable battery, the Type R could well fit your requirements.

Find out where to buy the Pure Type-R DAB online and find its rechargeable battery.

For: Unique controls, styling and exemplorary build quality - no plastic here!
Against: impatient channel changers will want to look elsewhere
Verdict: Provided you don't mind the expense, the sleek Genus Type R provides a great talking point and reasonable perfomance
Price: GBP150.00

Find out where to buy the Pure Type-R DAB online and find its rechargeable battery.


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