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Monday, 28th February 2011
Denon's CEOL smarter than the average receiver

Denon's CEOL is smarter in many more ways than just looks. The clean white unit, featuring high-contrast white on black display and iPod dock, is capable of streaming music from a PC or Mac and is compatible with Apple's AirPlay streaming system for iTunes, via an optional upgrade.

Thousands of internet radio stations are on tap, which can be streamed via a wired ethernet cable from your router or over a wireless network. There's also access. A plentiful 65 Watts RMS per channel is available, with all functions available from the remote control, with major features accessible from the handy four-way controller on the front of the unit.

Denon CEOL plays CDs, including home compilations burnt in WMA or MP3 format, music from a USB stick or from a mobile phone or MP3 player via a 3.5mm input jack on the fascia. As the CEOL has internet radio functionality, the system lacks DAB; however FM and AM are standard. The RCD-N7 pairs with its matching SC-N7 speakers.

The RCD-N7's measurements are 280 x 112 x 299mm and a sturdy 4.3kg. The SC-N7's vital dimensions are 145 x 233 x 236mm, weighing in at 2.3kg each. Denon's CEOL is available now, with a price tag of around £600.00 with speakers.
Denon CEOL
Denon CEOL display
Denon CEOL fascia

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