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Denon D-M38 DAB micro system

Saturday, 7th August 2010
Denon DM-38 DAB micro system featuring DAB+ compatible tuner

Denon's revamped DAB micro system range includes an updated version of the award-winning DM-37 DAB, this time featuring digital transport from the iPod to the unit via the standard iPod USB cable instead of analogue dock.

The Denon D-M38 DAB packs a DAB/DAB+ tuner as well as FM and mediumwave (AM) into a neat and stylish central unit, the RCDM-38DAB, which can be bought separately if you already have speakers. The company's SCM-37 speakers can be purchased as part of the D-M38DAB micro system package.

With 2 x 30 Watts of power on tap - enough to liven up all but the largest of rooms - the Denon DM38 system is capable of reading CD-recordable and CD-rewriteable discs containing MP3 or WMA-encoded music files, or standard audio CDs. Connect a mass-storage USB memory dongle with MP3 or WMA files to the unit and the Denon D-M38 DAB becomes an all-encompassing hi-fi system. A stereo 3.5mm audio input takes care of accommodating music from other MP3 players.

Two stereo RCA inputs are located 'round the back for connection of a cassette deck (remember them?) or MiniDisc player, for example. There's also a set of stereo outputs if you want to record to cassette or link to another system.

A handy alarm and sleep timer are also included, should you wish to site the hi-fi in your bedroom. Needless to say, a remote control is also included in the package.

The Denon DM-38 DAB micro system is available to buy now on the highstreet for around GBP 330, however, save yourself some money by buying it online.
Denon D-M38 DAB micro system
Denon DM38DAB DAB micro system featuring CD player, FM/AM tuner and iPod USB digital input


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