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DAB online stockists
Choose from a wide selection of DAB digital radios and wi-fi radios available online

Online stockists of DAB digital radio products

Here's a useful list of UK-based DAB digital radio stockists that sell DAB digital radios, car hi-fi, separates tuners and hi-fi systems. Most also sell a selection of wi-fi internet radios, too. Buying a DAB digital product online can often be cheaper and more convenient for many, thanks to discounts and "online exclusive prices" - you may make considerable savings against shopping on the highstreet. Online retailers tend to have a larger selection of DAB radios and tuners. If you can't find the product you want from one retailer, it's usually available from another.

Major well-known retailers

Many of these online retailers of DAB digital radios and tuners can be found on the high street too - almost all feature online exclusive prices at their websites.

» Amazon DAB search - free standard delivery on all DAB radios
» Tesco Direct  delivery or collection on all DAB digital and wi-fi internet radios, plus ClubCard points
» Check & Reserve at Online - check and reserve online free of charge for store pick-up, or have goods delivered with the assurance of a 16-day money-back guarantee
» Co-op Electrical Shop - has a selection of DAB portables and hi-fi at reasonable prices
» Marks and Spencer - search on "DAB" at the site. A good selection of DAB radios are available. Delivery charges usually apply.
» John Lewis - search on "DAB" at the site. Many DAB hi-fi systems offered with a free 2 year guarantee - free delivery when you spend over a certain amount, otherwise charges apply
» Halfords - in-car DAB digital radio tuners (delivery charges apply)
» Comet - a huge selection of branded and own-brand DAB radios
» Dixons - a wide selection of DAB and wi-fi internet radios available online - branded and own-brand
» Currys - a wide selection of DAB and wi-fi internet radios available, often at online-exclusive prices
» Entertainment at - a small selection of DAB radios are available
» Click Here to shop at UK - buy DAB new or used. Delivery prices vary.
» Advanced MP3 Players - DAB and wi-fi radios
» Nevada Radio Warehouse - postage varies

Hints on finding DAB digital radios and wi-fi internet radios online

Sometimes we can direct you straight to DAB digital radio products at the above sites. If you are looking for DAB digital radios, try a search on "DAB" at the above sites, which should bring up a list of products or categories. Always look for the words "DAB", "DAB digital radio", "DAB radio" or "DAB digital tuner" and the DAB logo before making a purchase - that way you can be sure of buying a product that can receive DAB digital radio stations. When looking for an internet radio, check the description carefully to note whether the receiver can work wirelessly with your router or needs an ethernet (hard-wired) connection. Happy listening!