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DAB radio choices for Christmas 2012 at a price to suit your pocket

We all know money is tight - so here are some no-nonsense DAB radios you might want to add to your Christmas list or bag for a relative. With the festive season fast approaching, cheap kit usually sells out pretty quickly, so our advice would be not to leave it too late.

If you're looking for a cheap iPod dock, handheld with MP3 player or simply-styled unit to suit your decor, here's a quick rundown on some of the radios we've spotted.

Sansui MP3 player

Sansui DB-100 DAB radio

Here's another DAB portable that features an MP3 player with a £35 tag; it's available here, with good reviews from owners.

Acoustic Solutions gloss dab radio

Acoustic Solutions Gloss DAB radio

At £40, this popular Acoustic Solutions radio (item 907/4484) is also available in green (item 908/2256).

MagicBox Atom

MagicBox Atom

Simpilicity is where the Atom is at. There's a look at its highlights here, but for around £35, its clean design and simple looks will be a talking point in your home. You can buy one now.

Pure One Mi Union Jack

Pure One Mi Union Jack

If you can forgive the lack of a headphone socket, the Mi Union Jack will definitely remind you of a great year of sport and celebration. There's a look at other UJ-emblazoned radios here, but at £30, the Mi could be an in-budget choice and is easily found here.

MagicBox Sherwood DAB

MagicBox Sherwood stereo DAB

MagicBox's Sherwood DAB is a stereo DAB out-of-the box; it's available for £35 with a timber-style casing and matt black fascia.

Viewquest DAB radio

Viewquest DAB tabletop radio

You needn't spend a fortune to get something with a quirky design - this Viewquest tabletop DAB radio is equipped with an alarm clock and has a snooze function - it's available now, or at around £45 here (item 505/1315).

Viewquest Blighty handheld DAB radio

Viewquest Blighty handheld radio

Packing DAB and FM, the Union Jack design of the Blighty might not be to everyone's taste, but the clear display and portability should more than make up for it. Grab one here at around £45.

Imperial DABMAN 10

Imperial DABMAN 10

Raising the flag for simple design, the DABMAN 10 is a mono speaker, DAB and DAB+ model that will happily brighten your kitchen or study. You can get it in red at around £58; alternatively black or white versions are available.

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