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Monday, 12th October 2009
In-car DAB adaptor? The choice is clear

Clarity have launched their first in-car DAB digital radio adaptor. The Clarity CDAB7 differs from the Pure Highway, in that it uses a hard cable connection to your existing in-car tuner.

The Clarity allows you to connect your iPod directly through the unit to prevent you from having to swap cables on the tuner while you are driving. Direct cable connections are almost universally better than wireless connections, as the sound quality tends to degrade when sent wirelessly.

The in car adaptor relies on your existing tuner having an AUX or line in cable on the fascia, otherwise you'd have to connect a separate FM transmitter to get sound through your car tuner. At which point, the whole thing becomes overcomplicated and you're better off buying a Pure Highway.

Clarity's other DAB product, the Vision Cube handheld DAB radio has received good reviews.

The Clarity in-car adaptor is available now, via this site, at GBP59.99.
Clarity in-car DAB adaptor
Clarity in-car DAB adaptor


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