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Bristol Sound and Vision 2011 logo
Cyrus Streamtime remote control

Wednesday, 3rd March 2011
Bristol Sound and Vision 2011 - the Bristol Show
cyrus_streamtime.jpg - 143514 Bytes
Cyrus streamtime connects to TuneIn radio for internet radio streaming; it's bundled with a full-feature remote control with colour screen

Definitely the year of the one-box network receiver, a whole series of new kit from Cyrus, Marantz and Denon was on show at the Bristol Show.

First up, the all singing and dancing Marantz M-CR603 component, incorporating DAB and internet radio receiver and cool white finish of the Denon Ceol (pronounced 'key-ol') with AirPlay and FM, AM and internet radio access.


Three new products from Yamaha - the astounding Yamaha MCR-140 micro system with wireless iPod streaming, available in a bewildering array of colours. Also on show, the new, affordable Yamaha MCR-550 micro with iPod dock, CD player and analogue and DAB digital tuners. Also up on stage, the tabletop Yamaha TSX-140 DAB/FM alarm clock with CD player and iPod dock.
Yamaha MCR-140
Yamaha MCR-140 micro system with wireless iPod transmitter and built-in dock

Q2 internet radio

Internet radio is at the fore in many of the products on show. The amazing display-less Q2 internet radio features a unique way of changing stations.

Vita Audio

Vita Audio were displaying a new sparkling graphite finish for their R4 integrated music system.
Vita R4i new graphite finish
Vita R4 integrated music system in sparkling graphite finish


Newcomer Auluxe were launching their timber and linen hand-built DAB/FM radio.
Auluxe DAB/FM radio
Auluxe DAB/FM display
Auluxe DAB/FM radio


Pioneer X-HM50
Pioneer's X-HM50 DAB micro system with integrated iPod dock


NAD C715 DAB receiver


Naim Unitiqute network receiver, making its second appearance at the Bristol Show in 2011.
Naim Unitiqute
Naim Unitiqute

DAB digital radio logo
DAB plus unofficial logo

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