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Sunday, 28th February 2010
Bristol Sound and Vision 2010 - the Bristol Show
Bristol Show 2010 intro There's a whole raft of new audio equipment on display at the Bristol Show in 2010 with a definite theme - convergence. Loads of stylish one-box systems are bringing together internet radio, DAB digital radio and iPod. Wireless internet radio access, though still a relatively new concept away from the PC, is beginning to pop up in iPod docks and micro systems. Systems combining DAB and internet radio functionality are beginning to appear from the major and high-end audio manufacturers - TEAC, Yamaha and Naim.

TEAC have really been pushing the boat out in recent months, with an exciting array of 'pod docks and micro systems. Its first foray into internet radio in a high-end system, the Reference 600 is a high-spec, high powered component system featuring DAB and internet radio, with a separate dock for your iPod.

Bristol Show 2010 Teac's range has been given an overhaul over the last twelve months. We're hands on with the entry-level TEAC CR-H248 DAB/FM/CD receiver, moving onward to the TEAC CR-H258i DAB micro with iPod dock and finally the DVD-playing TEAC CR-H358i DAB receiver component.


Yamaha is back with two systems featuring DAB and iPod-docks - the easy-to-use Yamaha M330 DAB micro and purer Yamaha MCR-640 DAB component micro system.


Denon's successor to the D-F102, the Denon D-F107 DAB mini system is an exciting all-rounder. Finally, we get to hear the Denon DM-37 DAB micro system.

Vita Audio

There were rumours of an internet-enabled R1i to be launched at the show; instead Vita have updated their R1 DAB/FM radio to MK2 status, giving it optional extras such as carry case and rechargeable battery pack. We were also stunned by the Vita R2i DAB/iPod dock music system. Both are DAB and DAB+ enabled.


Mobile 'phone audio accessory manufacturer Kitsound made its first appearance at the show, with its very own Kitsound internet radio, which also pulls in FM.


The Salisbury-based manufacturer of high-end audio equipment was showcasing its affordable Naim UnitiQute DAB, internet radio, USB and music streaming one-box audio component.

Yamaha PDX-50
Yamaha PDX-50
Yamaha's PDX-50 [buy here] or [here] is a neat wireless transmitter speaker system, turning your iPod into a handheld music controller. The speaker unit, a ported design with a stubby receiver in place of an iPod socket, is paired with a small adaptor that takes its power from the iPod itself.

The transmitter works up to a distance of 30 metres on wireless router frequencies. Sound from the system is very impressive - bass given a helping hand thanks to downward-firing ports - given the rather dimintive dimensions. It would make a perfect dock for the bedroom or kitchen, where space is tight. Combine it with an iPhone or iPod Touch over a broadband wi-fi connection and you have the ultimate internet radio receiver.

Electrocompaniet Maestro
Electrocompaniet maestro
This all-in-one high performance AV system features wireless internet radio - as well as integrated amp, blu-ray, CD, DVD and FM and DAB tuner. Yours for a cool GBP5000.00. The stubby antenna transmits surround sound to a wireless class D amplifier hidden behind the sofa.

TEAC Zeppelin
TEAC's streamlined iPod speaker with FM/AM radio looks as if it has been inspired by B&W's Zeppelin.

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