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Bristol Sound and Vision 2007 show report

Saturday, 24th February 2007
Radio-now reports from Sound and Vision - The Bristol Show 2007

It has been another exciting year for DAB, with more radios and receivers than ever before hitting the shelves.

Pure Digital's systems and radios were well represented at the show, with their brand new entry level Pure DMX 25 DAB micro system with MP3 playback from SD card and USB stick. Pure were also showing off the recently-announced Pure Evoke 1XT Marshall edition DAB radio.

It was a good opportunity to get your hands on a Pure Legato II DAB lifestyle system featuring EPG and SD card recording and to view the Pure DMX-60 DAB mini system, with EPG and recording capability.

A chance, too, to see the Pure Chronos CD DAB clock alarm and Pure PocketDAB 1500 DAB handheld.

Not forgetting, of course, the palm-sized Pure Move rechargeable DAB/FM radio.

Elsewhere, Ruark offshoot Vitaaudio were displaying their high quality Vita Audio R1 DAB/FM tabletop radio.

Coming soon

Rounding up forthcoming DAB/FM radios and receivers.

In around a month, you'll be able to get your hands on the Genus Type-R DAB radio. Featuring touch sensitive controls, the Type R features twin speakers, is beautifully built with an anodised aluminium case and real walnut end caps and handle underlay, a real leather back panel and charcoal speaker cloth. We'll keep you informed when it hits the retailers in our online shopping guide, plus keep an eye out here for our review - coming soon. Expected price will be GBP150.00.
Genus Type R DAB/FM radio
Genus Type R DAB/FM radio

Genus Type R DAB/FM radio input/outputs

Genus Type R DAB radio
The Genus Type R DAB/FM radio is controlled by running a finger over the fascia

Genus Type R DAB/FM radio

In the pipeline too is the Tivoli SongBook 100 DAB - priced at a whopping GBP250.00, but it does sound fantastic. Watch out for a review here soon.
Tivoli SongBook DAB
Tivoli SongBook 100 DAB

It's been a few years, but we had the chance to hear the Tivoli Model DAB radio. Sounding absolutely fantastic, the Tivoli Model DAB is available now at around GBP230.00.
Tivoli Model DAB
Tivoli Model DAB

The Cyrus DAB 8.0 was also on show, though not plugged in. It features EPG and recording facilities.
Cyrus DAB 8.0
Cyrus DAB 8.0 tuner

Also appearing at the show, the new Onkyo 715 DAB, the GBP100.00 step up from the award-winning Onkyo 515 sees improved digital amplification.
Onkyo 715 DAB
Onkyo 715 DAB

Not content with the R1, Vitaaudio have also announced the Vita R2 - available for GBP230.00 from April.
Vita R2 DAB/FM radio
Vita R2 DAB/FM radio

Vita R2 top
Vita R2 DAB/FM radio

Onkyo's T4555 FM/AM tuner with DAB upgrade capability.
onkyo t4555 DAB tuner
Onkyo T-4555 DAB tuner

Pure were back with their re-engineered Pure Oasis, sporting two vents covered in Goretex material.
Pure Oasis DAB water resistant radio
Pure Oasis water resistant radio

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