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Azatom Pocket C1 and Classic P1 DAB radios with DAB+
Looking for a cheap DAB radio? Do yourself a favour and at least search out a DAB+ compatible radio, like these from Azatom

More and more stations are broadcasting in DAB+, including all thirty stations on Manchester's superlocal DAB digital radio bundle, plus others in places such as Portsmouth, North Wales and North Yorkshire. With the likelihood of every radio station being offered space on a new wave of superlocal DAB bundles over the coming years, stations will be eager to keep their costs down (using less data to broadcast) - and this means they'll likely broadcast in the data-efficient DAB+ format; you'll need a DAB+ compatible radio to listen.

The Azatom C1 and Azatom P1 put their best feet forward as, like the cheap-as-chips Azatom Pro Sports S1, they receive DAB digital radio stations, such as BBC Radio 4 Extra, Radio 5 Live, talkSPORT 2 and Planet Rock, alongside DAB+ channels such as Magic Chilled, Jazz FM, Fun Kids, which launched in March 2016, and Union Jack which followed in September 2016.

This is important, as without a radio capable of decoding a DAB+ signal, you'll hear nothing when the radio is tuned to a DAB+ station. So, it's a good idea to choose a radio that can receive DAB and DAB+ stations - don't tell us we didn't warn you. Look out for the 'digital tick' and make sure the product's description says the radio will receive DAB+ stations.
Azatom Pocket C1 DAB radio with DAB+ and FM
Azatom Pocket C1 DAB/DAB+ radio

UK-based Azatom's palmtop-sized at around £30 Pocket C1 is futureproofed with FM, DAB and DAB+ tuners, receiving local and national digital radio stations in original flavour DAB, in addition to laid-back station Magic Chilled, all-British hits Union Jack, Fun Kids radio and Jazz FM broadcast using the more efficient DAB standard.

The Azatom Pocket C1 features built-in rechargeable battery (for around 16 hours' listening at normal volume levels), but you can also swap out the rechargeable battery pack for your own AAA batteries; the Azatom Pocket C1 takes three of them.

There is an alarm function, but we wouldn't rely on it. Nope, the real reason to buy the Pocket C1 it for its portability; the autoscan function searching out stations across FM and DAB frequencies, and displaying station names on DAB on the radio's small but crisp display. There's lifetime technical support and a 12 month warranty as a backup, from a radio that measures just 125 x 72 x 30 mm. There isn't a headphone jack, but if you're planning on using it in the garden, this won't be too much of an issue.

The Azatom Pocket C1 is a simple and compact DAB/DAB+ radio, and is available to buy now.

A tad larger, the Classic P1 is the C1's slightly bigger brother, measuring in at 181mm x 90mm x 42mm. RDS-enabled, the receiver shows the station name on FM, rather than just the frequency. Pop in 4 AA-sized batteries (rechargeables are more Eco-friendly) to take the Classic P1 out and about with you. If you don't need to rely on the alarm clock, the P1 is a reasonable budget offering at around £30-35.
Azatom Classic P1 DAB radio with DAB+ and FM
Azatom Classic P1 DAB/DAB+ radio

So, in summary, the best portable radio you should choose is one that is 'future-ready' to actually play DAB+ stations.

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