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Amazon stock the August MB400 in black, silver, red and blue.

August MB400 DAB radio - cheap DAB comes with NFC and Bluetooth

Not only have August crammed in DAB and DAB+ digital radio into their latest radio - handy for future compatibility when DAB+ stations come a-calling in the UK or if you want to take your radio around the world to Australia - but have also managed to squeeze in both NFC and Bluetooth compatibility, which allows you to easily pair up the radio with your smartphone for extra listening flexibility.

The great news is that the August MB400 comes in at under £35 - which is a steal, given that you also get a built-in SD card reader for your MP3 music files and a familiar FM tuner for when you wish to plump for BBC Radio 3 on analogue radio. The NFC and Bluetooth functions, alongside a USB port, offer an impressive array of features for such a compact, relatively inexpensive receiver. There's even an alarm clock with separate snooze button, doubling as a display dimmer, and a separate 3.5mm audio input socket if you just want to use a cable between your MP3 player and the radio, for example. August really have covered all bases here.

You'd probably expect to see only a single speaker at this price, but no - two drivers produce a maximum of 3 Watts each for glorious stereo, at a considerably louder volume than many of its counterparts.

The August MB400 can even dispense with its power cable: simply pop 4 "C"-size batteries into the radio and take it out and about with you. If you don't want to buy "C"-size batteries, just use some AA rechargeables in a battery size converter.

The MB400 DAB radio is available now at under £35 - check the left-hand column to find out where to get one.
August MB400 DAB radio
August MB400 DAB receiver - around the back
August MB400 closeup

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