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Sunday, 13th September 2009
Apple's Nano tunes into benefits of pause and rewind

Apple's fifth generation iPod Nano now sports an FM radio and a feature usually found only on DAB radios - the ability to pause and rewind live radio.

The Nano with radio also features song tagging - so that you can buy a song you like via iTunes - however, this feature currently works in the US only, where the extra information for the feature is carried on the broadcast signal.

The iPod Nano lets you pause live radio for up to fifteen minutes while you answer the door or take a 'phonecall, and rewind by up to fifteen minutes, to check a song title again or take down details you just heard on Radio 4, for example.

The new iPod Nano also features pedometer, video camera and smart playlist creation by music type. It's available now for around GBP 115.00. The new Nano coincides with the launch of revised iPod Touch and Classic models.ipod nano with fm radio

Apple iPod Nano 5th Generation player with FM radio


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